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Toshiba's Free Cartridge Recycling Program
which includes free collection containers, free return shipping on the containers and can be used for all brands of cartridges!!

We are proud to partner with Toshiba in our recycling efforts. In addition we offer many products that carry Green certifications. We take great efforts to ensure your returned equipment does not end up in landfills. Below are some pictures of our in-house process of recycling equipment.

In-house process of recycling used office equipment

Our in-house equipment recycling process involves the complete disassembly of the entire machine right down to the last screw. We then sort the materials by type; metal, aluminum, plastic, cooper wire, circuit boards, power boards, motors, displays and cartridges in order to direct them to the proper recycling facility in our area. We have hired a part time employee just for this in-house process. We do not recoup the cost of dismantling the equipment from recycling of the materials, but we feel that the cost of this process is the environmentally right thing to do. Below are some pictures of our sorting process.


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